Saturday, February 23, 2008

"10 x Your Money in 6 Years"!

"Too Good to be True"
- A
re You Sure?

Many who read something like "Double Your Money in 5 Years" are sceptical, and will often dismiss it as "Too Good to be True".

Had I done the same, over 3 Years ago, I would be struggling to "Live in Paradise", with no job, and only £300 a month from an Annuity. As it happens, I investigated, and placed a 'Trial Deposit' into Rural Banks with 5 Year Peso Time Deposit paying 20%pa with Interest Credited Monthly. I have been receiving interest every Month for 35 Months now, so I happen to know -

"It's so Good, because it's
True - Double Your Money in 5 Years, really works"!

Well if you still don't believe it, then you are the one missing out, not me!

There was a recent 'Promo' by some of these Rural Banks offering, an amazing

"Double Your Money in 3 Years!"

That's correct, a Bank product, with a Peso Time Deposit, having PDIC insurance cover paying Monthly Interest @ 33.33%pa.

Those who refuse to believe that is true, should find another website/topic, because they sure wont believe what I will say next?

"10 x Your Money in 6 Years!"

OK, this is NOT a Bank product, so no PDIC Insurance, as it is a Pre-Needs product from an SEC licencensed distributor: -

Whilst you do buy into a Pre-Needs Pension Plan, the real money from this 'Investment', comes not from the Pension Plan itself, but rather the 'Buy-Back' agreement from 'Legacy Card'.

The product is known as 'PNBB2' - Pre-Needs Buy Back - No. 2

The 'Terms and Conditions' of the "Deed of Assignment" give 10% of the Pension Plan Maturity Value (= 2 x PNBB Investment Value), as 'Initial Payment', immediately (can be used to give "Nett of Initial Payment" investment, some 125% higher than actual 'cash' investment).
The 90% Balance is repaid via 12 x 'Installments' over 36 months, commencing 1 month after signing. So for Php80,000 (minimum 'cash' - Nett of Initial Payment), one gets a 'Return' of Php180,000.00 over 36 Months.

Return On Investment (ROI) = (Gain- Investment)/Investment = (180-80)/80 = 1.25 (ROI)

Annual Percentage Rate = ROI/Period = 1.25/3 = 41.67% (APR)


Legacy Consolidated Plans Inc. have filed a petition with SEC for dissolution of their company.
This 'announcement' will appear in the newspapers soon

Subject: Confirmed Dissolution
From: jimmy lucero (VP, Legacy Finance Group, Visayas Region)
Date: 08/12/2008 8:20 pm

Please be advised that at the meeting in Manila today, Legacy Consolidated Plans, Inc. the issuer of the Pre-Need Buy Back (PNBB) product has decided to dissolve the company.

Petition will be filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and appoint a liquidator to pay creditors. As announced management assures our investors their investments will be given back.

Meanwhile, we wait for the announcement in the national newspaper.

We will keep you posted.

Ah well, it was "good whilst it lasted", and at least we get our Investment returned, and did make 18.75% of our Nett Investment with every Quarterly PDC that did get cashed up to that point.

Just hope there is not too much delay by the liquidator to release these funds. I would like to reinvest into some more "V8 Motorcycle Dealership' plans, whilst this particular investment, with Bank Guarantee continues to be available.

'V8 Motorcycle & Parts Dealer' - Investment

I am gettin 100%pa on the
1 Year Term, from my Php1M as part of a Group Investment of Php6M and
105%pa on the 2 Year Term, from my Php1M as part of another Group Investment of Php6M.

This V8 investment, could give even better ROI than what the PNBB2 reinvested offered:-

OK so if 41.67%pa sounds good, see what happens if you invest more, then re-invest for 36 Months, for a Return over 72 Months

Php240K PNBB Investment

Month ROI After Mnths
1 Php1,260,000 36
3 Php1,360,000 39
6 Php1,510,000 42
9 Php1,710,000 45
12 Php1,910,000 48
15 Php2,160,000 51
18 Php2,460,000 54
21 Php2,810,000 57
24 Php3,260,000 60
27 Php3,760,000 63
30 Php4,840,000 66
33 Php5,060,000 69
36 Php5,910,000 72
9.55 ROI
159% APR


The above Table shows what Return is possible on Php560K, every Quarter, with a new
re-investment, as well as the extended Period such investment is over.

If fully re-invested for 12 x quarterly periods, the Return over 72 Months will be Php5,910,000.00

That is 10.55 x Your Money in 6 Years!

I have been told that you do not need to be 'Resident' in the Philippines, for this particular Investment, as it is NOT a Bank Product.

"But how does one get to receive and spend such return from this investment, if not Resident in the Philippines?"

On the "Deed of Assisingment" Form, other than payment via Post Dated Checks (PDC), there is an option for payment of the 'Installments', via 'Pera Agad' card.

'PeraAgad' Card is a OneCard International* Prepaid Credit Card

OneCard International, an issuer of a globally accepted credit card being a principal member of MasterCard International, was established to provide business opportunities and alliance with varied companies and financial institutions that wishes to issue and finance credit cards with their own brand minus the usual hassles of setting up their own credit card company.

OneCard was originally owned by MBf Group Malaysia, the leading MasterCard issuer in Malaysia. It was renamed as OneCard International in the year 2001.

Where is my OneCard prepaid card accepted?
Your Onecard prepaid card is accepted both locally and internationally, there are over 32 million establishments and 900,000 Automated Teller Machines (ATM) who honor your card. Just look for the MasterCard and MasterCard Cirrus logo on any merchant establishments or designated Automated Teller Machine (ATM).

What is the use of my prepaid card?
Your OneCard prepaid card is available for use as follows:-

  1. To make purchases for goods and services at any establishment that accepts the Mastercard as payment

  2. To withdraw cash worldwide at Mastercard/Cirrus designated Automated Teller Machines (ATM) subject to particular ATM rules and regulations.

What is the cost of such 'Pera Agad' card?
Your Onecard prepaid card costs Php500.00. Of this Php100 is Application Fee, Php100 is a Maintaining Balance (not shown), and Php300 is credited to your 'Pera Agad' Card.

What is the cost of withdrawing cash worldwide at Mastercard/Cirrus designated ATM'?
Your Onecard prepaid card can withdraw up to Php25,000.00 equivalent, with NO CHARGE.
Succeeding withdrawals for the day, up to a maximum of Php50,000.00*, is subject to a charge of P83/withdrawal.(*Subject to limitations on the Amount Withdrawn/day, according to that particular Banks ATM machine)

Are there any other advantages to having such 'Pera Agad' card?
Your Onecard prepaid card pays Interest of 2% per quarter on the ADB (Average Daily Balance). So if using the PNBB investment to build, rather than spend, this adds an additional 8%pa.
Not a bad rate of Interest alone - better than most Commercial Banks can offer.

How does one go about placing such PNBB Investment, and this 'Pera Agad' card?
Send giving you Full Name and Address. You will be sent Application Forms, for you to complete, and return with instructions regarding payment.