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New Vehicle Registration in Philippines

The most common service that a motorist is looking for is the new registration of one's new and shiny car. As listed in our list of services post, you can see there that the first service that we offer, that is, the first service that we can assist you with is the registration of your car… either for new registration or renewal of registration.. both basically has the same requirements but this post is for the requirements for registering a new car.

Imported Motor Vehicle Registration Requirements

Here are the requirements for imported motor vehicles - cars, trucks, motorcycles etc.:-

  • Original Invoice
  • Certificate of Payments of Taxes
  • Confirmation of CP from Registration Section C.O.
  • CHPG clearance
  • Insurance Certificate of Cover
  • Actual Inspection of Motor Vehicle and duly accomplished MVIR
    (stencils of motor and chassis numbers must be done on the space provided for)
  • Early warning device (EWD)

  • That is the requirements needed to register a new car or vehicle that was imported from abroad.

    The first part was about New Registration locally assembled or rebuilt vehicles.
    Like we always say, if you ever need help or assistance with any LTO related services, including this one, you can contact us at our office or call/txt 09178801712

    I have no connection with the above Company, just liked their Summary of Requirements for LTO Registration of New Cars. Actually I was looking for information on this 3 Year Registration, since my Yamaha XT225 motorcycle, should have got Registered by Norkis, who sold me the Motorcycle, and the LTO who should have known such 3 Year Registration was applicable to Motorcycles over 200cc, and the XT225 is 225cc!
    Hyundai got my car Registered for 3 Years, back in May 2005.
    I bought a new Hyundai 'Matrix' 1.5 CRDi VGT in May 2005, and obtained the Registration Documents, and Number Plates with Registration and Insurance, valid for 3 Years.

    ie no vehicle inspection, emission tests, or insurance renewal until May 2008.
    Hyundai Cebu, Inc.
    address......A.S. Fortuna St., Banilad, Mandaue City, Cebu
    phone.........(032) 346 2724, 345 0324 to 26
    fax..............(032) 346 0187

    LTO issues rules on 3-year registration


    03 January 2005

    SUBJECT : Initial Registration Scheme for Brand New Motor Vehicles
    Valid for Three (3) years.

    WHEREAS, pursuant to Section 4 (d) [1], Article III, Chapter 1 of Republic Act No. 4136, as amended, the Assistant Secretary, with the approval of the Secretary of Transportation and Communication, shall have the power to issue rules and regulations prescribing the procedure for the registration of motor vehicles; and

    WHEREAS, pursuant to Section 5 of Batas Pambansa Bilang 74, all motor vehicles and trailers of any type used or operated on or upon any highway of the Philippines "shall be registered with the Bureau of Land Transportation (now the LTO or Land Transportation Office) for the current year, and that the dates of annual registration of motor vehicles shall be based on a registration scheme to be prepared by the Bureau of Land Transportation (now the LTO) subject to the approval of the Minister (now the Secretary) of Transportation and Communication."

    NOW, THEREFORE, and in pursuance thereto, it is hereby ordered that the initial registration of all brand new motor vehicles, as defined herein , shall be valid and effective for three (3) years from its first registration. Such initial registration shall require the Certificate of Conformity (COC), issued by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), and the Compulsory Third Party Liability insurance policy valid for three (3) years.

    1.1. Brand new motor vehicles (MVs) – refer to new and unregistered motor vehicles manufactured, assembled, imported, distributed and/or sold by corporations or companies accredited by or member/s of the following, to wit:

    a. CAMPI- Chamber of Automotive Manufacturer of the Philippines, Inc.

    b. TMA – Truck Manufacturers Associations

    c. MDPPA – Motorcycle Development Program Participants Associations.

    1.2. Brand new motor – vehicles imported by other LTO accredited vehicles

    1.3. These exclude backyard – assembled and imported used motor vehicles

    1.4. Motorcycles with engine displacement of 200 cc and below are likewise excluded in this Order.

    2. Registration Rate – The rates of the Motor Vehicle User's Charge as set forth and imposed under Republic Act 8794 shall be collected from the owner of the covered motor vehicles for the registration of the said units.

    3. Apprehension/s

    3.1. Should the covered motor vehicle be apprehended within the period of its initial three (3) year registration for violation/s attributable to the motor vehicle, e.g. smoke belching or non-roadworthiness, the motor vehicle shall still be required to undergo the accessory penalty or penalties of passing the Motor Vehicle Inspection and/or Emission Tests.

    4. Repealing Clause

    4.1. Any memoranda or orders thereof which are inconsistent with the provisions of this Administrative Order are hereby repealed or amended accordingly.

    5. Effectively
    5.1. This Order shall take effect ninety (90) days after its publication in two (2) newspapers of general circulation in the Philippines or filling of three (3) copies thereof with the University of the Philippine Law Center.

    Assistant Secretary


    Department of Transportation and Communication

    With the implementation of the three (3) year initial registration of motor vehicles' scheme, on the other hand, drastically affected our volume of registered motor vehicle and cases handled because most initial motor vehicle registrations are handled by district offices situated in highly urbanized areas in the country.

    I bought a Yamaha XT225, brand new from Norkis, Mandaue Branch in December 2007 for Php160,000.00
    So why did the LTO not Register it for 3 Years. since the XT225 is 225cc?

    The LTO Branch in Talisay City (up behind Robinsons, to the right), did not even seem aware, that Motorcycles over 200cc are covered by that 3 Year Registration Ruling.

    LTO, Talisay City were also trying to maintain the Registration stated Color: Green yet there was White also!

    Norkis, Mandaue sorted this out. but only wanted to deal with LTO, Mandaue, not LTO Talisay City Branch.

    How do I know it got sorted?

    By Sending Text to 2600 and getting the following reply back:-
    Make: yamaha
    Model: xt225
    Year: 2007
    Color: green/white
    Registered Last: 10/07/2010
    has no LTO apprehension.
    has no LTO alarm.
    The Honda XR200 is196.9cc and now has Suggested Retail Price of Php131,900.00

    One reason I did not buy the Honda XR200 is because it is somewhat taller (with a seat of 858mm) compared with the Yamaha XT225 having a seat height of just 31.9" (810mm), meaning I could plant both feet flat on the floor comfortably.

    Another reason for choosing a Yamaha XT225 'Serow', being that Norkis were offering a 3 Year Warranty

    Posted Image How many spotted they got the image of the XT225 reversed?

    The best reason for going with a Yamaha XT225 'Serow', is that is is simply a damn fine bike, for 'green lane' riding in the Philippines.

    Check out this report on the 'capabilities of the small, agile, nimble, and pretty capable, little XT225 'Serow':-

    BIG BLOKE ON A GIRLS BIKEThe Yamaha XT225 SerowBy John

    I don't know how to put this without offending some peoples egos, but here goes - the Yamaha XT225 Serow is arguably the best trail bike in the world. A lot of people who have bought big, fast, powerful enduro machinery to go trail riding have probably chosen the wrong bikes.

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    Made in China - no longer the same Stigma?

    Some think things 'Made in China', are just cheap copies of the 'real thing' and although low price, the Quality is not there to make them reliable and/or durable?

    Well, nearly 50 Years ago, many were saying the same thing about the Japanese, but now the products Japan produces, from Cars, Motorcycles to a whole range of electronic products, are recognised as being some of the best in the world.

    Same is happening in South Korea, originally slated as only able to make cheap cars for example, but Hyundai Motor Company, and Kia Motors (both part of Chung Ju-yung Group in South Korea) , have invested money into making their motor vehicles extremely good value for money and with improved quality. They now offer 5 Year/ 100,000 Km Warranty, on their vehicles now. They have become the world's fourth largest automaker[1]

    It is happening in China also, much the same way as Taiwan made electronic products gained respect for quality and reliability. China now makes half of all motorcycles produced worldwide. In export markets, Chinese motorcycle manufacturers have been rapidly gaining share, especially in emerging markets in Southeast Asia and Africa.

    There is a new emerging generation of Chinese Motorcycles, notably Zongshen with the new 'Cyclone' range. Zonshen teamed up with Piaggio
    of Italy and makes the engines for the 'Zip' Scooter of Piaggio. They are presently in partnerships with Harley Davidson and Piaggio.[1]

    Harley Davidson selected Zongshen to partner with to get its Motorcycles into the Chinese market. Harley-Davidson in return, would share certain technology of a non-competing nature, as well as marketing philosophies and practices with Zongshen, under the contemplated agreement.

    Zongshen-Piaggio Foshan Company is a joint-venture by Zongshen Industry Company and Piaggio, a leading company in this field all over the world. Piggio scooters, also Aprilia, Derbi, Gilera, Ligier, Moto Guzzi, Vespa, and Laverda.

    These liasons with Motorcycle legends in the industry, are bringing about a new generation of Chinese Motorcycle.

    These new 'Cyclone' range of Zongshen Motorcycles, cost about 20% more than mainstream Chinese motorcycles, but it shows in improved attention to detail, design and build quality. These motorcycles are very good value for money produts, the same way as the Hyundai and Kia are capturing increasing Market share.

    Chinese Car manufacture 'Cherry' is another one to watch also!

    Then there are these Chinese Mobile Phones - again with a 'stigma' for cheap copies of well know Makes/Models, but not having the same Specifications/Quality.

    What most do not realise is some Chinese Phones are not copies, but designed around the likes of MediaTek Chipsets, such as the MT6235 processor

    Posted Image

    MediaTek Inc.
    is a fabless semiconductor company, designing and selling components for wireless communication, optical storage, high-definition digital TV and DVDproducts. The company was founde
    d in 1997. Its headquarters are in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan, with sales and research subsidiaries in Mainland China, Singapore, India, Japan, Korea, USA, Denmark, and England.[2] MediaTek is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchangeunder the code 2454.

    MediaTek's products help Chinese Shanzhai products to cut cost.

    The MT6235/6 is a processor used in many Chinese cellular phones. It is a member of the MT62xx series of processors by MediaTek.

    The MediaTek processor based Chinese cell phones often come with features not common to North American phones such as analog television viewing and recording. While these phones have vastly different builds and configurations, they all run on a common proprietary OS.

    GSM/GPRS/EDGE Feature-rich Multimedia solution

    MT6236 is a s GSM/GPRS/EDGE solution with high level of integration. Targeted for the feature-rich multimedia market, the MT6236 offers key features such as support for 5Mpixel camera, mobile TV, HVGA LCM, integrated BT and full html browser . MT6236 platform is pre-integrated with MediaTek's highly proven SW solution thus considerably reducing the design cycle time.


    ● GPRS/EDGE class 12
    ● ARM9 @312MHz
    ● Integrated 5Mp ISP camera
    ● CIF decode; QVGA encode
    ● Support for HVGA LCM
    ● Integrated BT2.1 EDR
    ● Integrated HS 2.0 USB
    ● Pre-integrated with MediaTek's highly proven SW platform.

    This chip technology giving the above 'features', is now being driven by a version of Android OS, now owned by Google. Android has been available as open source since 21 October 2008. Google published the entire source code (including network and telephony stacks)[30]under an Apache License.[31]

    While most are still on Android 1.5 or 1.6, some are apparently capable of upgrade to Android 2.1.
    We might even see Chinese Products emerging, running
    2.2 (Froyo)[44] or latest Gingerbread 2.6.35[45]

    Posted Image

    ZTE is one of the few, if not the only, Chinese Phone Manufacturer to enter the USA Market. ZTE Mobile phones are sold in the UK,Ireland, Scandinavia, Australia and elsewhere.

    16 July, 2010, by Desire Athow

    ZTE has long been associated with the very low end of the mobile phone market with the likes of the ZTE F102 or the ZTE X760 (AKA T-Mobile Vairy or Orange Vegas) gradually cementing the Chinese brand as a great entry level mobile phone manufacturer.

    But the launch of the ZTE Racer might soon change this; with a selling price of £99 (excluding a compulsory £10 on PAYG at 3 UK), this touchscreen device is the cheapest Android phone on the market.

    Likewise, the ZTE F102 (which we reviewed here) was and still is the cheapest 3G phone on the market, selling for as little as £17.16 here.

    Like ZTE, HTC started by selling phones for others to rebadge (Orange and O2 notably) but then started gradually to come out of the shadows with some significant models like the HTC Touch and the HTC Desire.

    Expect ZTE to follow the same trajectory in a shorter period compared to HTC although they will be working closely with mobile network operators. They have already confirmed to Techradar that they will be launching a second Android mobile phone soon in the UK.
    Read more:

    ZTE F102 Mobile Phone with Free Skype Calls and Windows Messenger

    If you are searching for a cheap mobile phone which is equipped with all latest features then ZTE F102 mobile phone is custom built for you. This mobile phone has a traditional design and is available at a price around £ 30. The stylish black colour and sleek design gives it a sophisticated and catchy look. This mobile phone is equipped with a spectacular rechargeable battery that offers a back up of 150 hours on the standby mode and 5 hours if you are talking continuously. Like most hi-end mobile phone this device is also equipped with a camera. The resolution of the camera is two megapixels which is good enough for a mobile phone.

    The MP3 player installed in it enables you to play all sorts of MP3 audio files. It is also installed with Bluetooth so that you can easily connect it with other Bluetooth enabled mobiles, computers, etc. The internal memory of the ZTE F102 is around 128 MB which can store limited data but you can easily increase the memory by installing a memory card. This mobile phone supports only SecureDigital (Micro SD) format memory card which can be easily found at a mobile accessory store near your home. Of course, the phone’s best and most notable feature is its free Skype-to-Skype calling feature, in addition to the free Windows Messenger.

    The memory of this mobile phone can be expanded up to 1 GB. The dimensions of ZTE F102 mobile phone are 106.1 x 47 x 12.7 mm and it weighs around 80 g which is fairly low. The camera is provided with a digital zoom feature so that you can record clear pictures of far away objects.


    Cherry Mobile’s uber cheap dual SIM phones

    Cherry Mobile, a new player in the dual-SIM phone market in the Philippines, introduced 4 new affordable phones with average prices well under Php6,000.

    Here’s a list of the 4 new dual-SIM phones:

    Cherry S11 Blade
    VGA Camera
    1.8” 65K Color TFT LCD display
    Pitch changer
    MP3/MP4 player
    FM Radio
    GPRS/MMS capable
    2GB microSD card
    Bluetooth 2.0
    Price: Php2,690

    Cherry D20 Life
    1.8” 65K Color TFT LCD display
    VGA Camera
    MP3/MP4 player
    FM Radio
    Voice recorder
    2GB microSD card
    Bluetooth 2.0
    Dual Active SIM/Dual Standby
    Price: Php2,990

    Cherry D50 Inertia
    1.3 MP camera
    MP3/MP4 player
    FM Radio
    built-in Motion Sensor
    Bluetooth 2.0
    2GB microSD card
    Price: Php3,690

    Cherry M35Integra
    Free-to-Air TV phone
    TV Function
    2 MP camera
    2.2” QVGA TFT LCD display
    Dual Camera
    MP3/MP4 player
    FM Radio
    Motion Sensor
    2GB microSD card
    Bluetooth 2.0
    Price: Php5,690

    Published by: yuga under:

    posted: July 4th, 2010

    Cherry Mobile has a new phone that’s capable of handling 3 SIM cards at the same time called the Trident (Q300). Yes, this is probably the first triple-SIM phone to be marketed in the Philippines — and it’s got a TV tuner too.

    Designed to look like a cross between the Nokia E72 and the BlackBerry Curve, Cherry Mobile’s Trident phone was launched just last week (July 1) with a suggested retail price of Php6,450.

    Cherry Mobile Q300 Trident
    * Triple SIM, Triple Standby
    * Quad Band GSM
    * 2.46” TFT LCD
    * 2MP camera
    * WiFi
    * Analog TV with Record
    * FM Radio with Record
    * up to 4GB on microSD
    * Bluetooth

    It’s got an optical trackpad too, just like the ones from BlackBerry. All 3 SIM cards are active but only two are MMS-capable and can connect to GPRS. Not sure what the battery life would be like though {via PTB}.

    'Cherry Mobile' is established in Singapore, as well as the Philippines.

    Detailed Info

    Company Overview:
    My phone is Cherry Mobile!

    Cherry Mobile brings the latest technology, design and ergonomics. Easy to use, and surely value for money, this new wave of handsets accelerates access to market’s increasing need for dual sim.
    Cherry Mobile is the newest player in the local mobile communications industry.

    With true dual SIM capabilities and a suite of other top end features, the new collection of mobile phones under the Cherry Mobile brand bring next-generation connectivity to Filipino consumers at incredibly affordable prices.

    Cherry Mobile showcases range of handsets that suits every type of user by designing its products that would best match different consumer lifestyles.

    Cherry Mobile embarks on expanding into several key markets through having dynamic products and a brand strategy: the ease of use without having to carry two mobile phones at the same time and still providing “value for money’, this new wave of handsets accelerates access to the market’s increasing need for dual SIM handsets.
    P1, P2, D10, D15, Trident, F10, F15, X90, ECLIPSE, Q6, Q5i, Q8, Q9, D35, V600, G3, G7, M35, M30...

    Authorized Service Centers Nationwide
    02.353.9856 Manila
    02.436.0050 Philcoa
    02.709.2252 Quezon City
    02.583.2763 Montalban
    02.334.1177 02.363.6006 Caloocan

    02.822.7455 Bicutan

    045.887.0681 Pampanga

    048.434.7098 Palawan
    077.412.3332 Ilocos Norte
    078.326.5846 Nueva Viscaya
    042.660.6216 Lucena
    052.480.7234 Legazpi
    0922.470.6115 Bulacan
    075.522.0787 075.522.2788 Pangasinan

    034.707.8080 Bacolod
    034.433.0334 034.434.1794 Bacolod
    053.321.2537 053.321.2190 Tacloban
    032.233.3877 Cebu
    032.417.7325 Cebu
    038.501.0012 Tagbilaran

    082.299.4677 082.221.0506 Davao
    082.224.4898 082.227.5168 Davao
    082.222.0729 082.300.1707 Davao del Sur
    088.856.7999 088.856.9999 Cagayan de Oro
    063.221.3659 063.492.3659 Iligan
    086.826.8877 086.826.4147 Surigao City
    083.553.9000 General Santos
    062.991.3030 Zamboanga
    062.991.2258 062.992.5114 Zamboanga

    Cherry Mobile is going back to the basics with the P3, the hip new model from the leading mobile phone brand that is as easy on the eyes as it is on the wallet.

    Based on the popular P1 model which grew a large following in the last year covering all segments of the mobile handset market, the new single-SIM P3 promises a practical, straightforward and stress-free cellular phone experience.

    “The P3 model is perfect for tweens, teens or just about anyone who prefers the no-frills mobile phone with only the most essential functions such as calling and texting over more complicated and possibly more expensive units,” said Cherry Mobile Marketing Head Agnes Conopio.

    Incorporating the same durable keypad and colored LCD screen of its predecessor, the dual-band P3 provides additional exciting features. P3 features a built-in FM radio that lets users enjoy the latest radio hits wherever they go and now is already colored screen.

    A further benefit is the unit’s handiness—the P3 can easily fit into wallets and small pouches and can also be attached to lanyards, making it an instant fashion accessory with its cute calculator appeal.

    A useful flashlight rounds out the basic features of Cherry Mobile’s practical P3 model.

    The Cherry Mobile P3 comes in six fun and fashionable colors to suit every personality—playful pink, funky yellow, trendy purple, chic red, perky green and mod black.

    And with the P3’s bargain price tag of P 1, 290, we all have a reason to keep it basic and simply hip.

    Cherry Mobile Phones Features and Pricelist

    Published by Marhgil on May 21st, 2010 in Technology with 15 Comments

    As we roam around SM City Lipa, we found this Cherry Mobile kiosk at the second floor where lots of people are checking out their mobile phones. Curious enough, we tried to sneak in and asked for their price list. They gave us their poster with their cellphone units and prices. I copied some of them here for your information. Note that prices might be different now because prices are subject to change without prior notice as they always say.

    Super Cheap Phones

    Cherry Mobile P1
    Price: P999
    Features: Single SIM, SMS Predictive, Alarm Clock, SIM Tool Kit
    Cherry Mobile P1 review here.

    Cherry Mobile D15
    Price: P1,999
    Features: Dual SIM, Dual Standby, Camera, FM Radio, MP3 / Video Player, Flashlight, MicroSD card up to 2GB

    Qwerty Phones

    Cherry Mobile Q3
    Price: P2,990
    Features: Qwerty Keyboard. Dual SIM, Dual Standby, FM Radio, MP3 Player, 5 Led Flashlight, SMS, MicroSD card up to 1GB

    Cherry Mobile Q3i
    Price: P2890
    Features: Qwerty keyboard, Dual SIM, Dual Standby, Camera, FM radio, MP3 player, MicroSD card up to 2GB.

    Touch Screen Phones

    Cherry Mobile T80
    Price: P6990
    Features: Touch Screen, 1.3 MP camera, Dual SIM, Dual Standby, Multimedia Player, FM Radio, Widgets, Bluetooth, MicroSD card up to 2GB

    Cherry Mobile G5
    Price: P6990
    Features: Touch Screen, 2 MP Camera, Dual SIM, Dual Standby, Multimedia Player, FM Radio, Slider design, Bluetooth, MicroSD card up to 4GB

    Cherry Mobile Eclipse
    Price: P9,999
    Features: Windows Mobile 6.5, Touch Screen, 2 MP camera, Dual SIM, Dual Standby, Wifi, Bluetooth, Multimedia Player, FM Radio, GPS, MicroSD card up to 8GB

    TV Phones

    Cherry Mobile Q6
    Price: P4790
    Features: Analog TV, Qwerty keyboard, 2 MP Camera, Dual SIM, Dual Standby, Multimedia Player, FM Radio, Bluetooth, MicroSD up to 2GB

    Cherry Mobile G7
    Price: P4990
    Features: Analog TV, 1.3 MP camera, Dual SIM, Dual Standby, Multimedia Player, FM Radio, Slider design, Bluetooth, MicroSD up to 2GB

    Cherry Mobile Q7
    Price: P5,890
    Features: Analog TV, Qwerty keyboard, 1.3 MP camera, Dual SIM, Dual Standby, Multimedia Player, FM radio, Bluetooth, MicroSD card up to 2GB

    Cherry Mobile Q8
    Price: P5,990
    Features: Analog TV, Qwerty keyboard, 2MP camera, Dual SIM, Dual Standby, Wifi capable, Multimedia player, FM radio, Bluetooth, MicroSD card up to 2GB

    Cherry Mobile Q9
    Price: P5,990
    Features: Analog TV, Qwerty keyboard, 2.0 PM camera, Dual SIM, Dual Standby, Multimedia player, Touchpad navigation. FM Radio, Wifi, Bluetooth, MicroSD card up to 2GB

    Just visit your nearest Cherry Mobile distributor to buy your Cherry Mobile unit. Feel free to share your experience with Cherry Mobile phones in the comment box below.

    Posted Image

    Well the T3000 Product, ended with the highest votes in that Round 4 of the competition, and my name was selected from those have picked the T3000, and I became one of the 10 getting such T3000 as a Prize.

    This supplied by

    US$ 119.9

    I received a Free Gift, that I won in a competition, for selecting such
    T3000 Mobile Phone, as the product "I would most like to own" out o

    f the 'Top Ten' products of 'Round 4' of the PayPalWorld Shopping Championship.

    One had to also give a reason as to why you selected that product.

    Unlocked T3000 Phone Quad Band Good Quality Cellphone

     DaPeng T3000 Cell Phone Function twirling 360 and leather Case  DaPeng T3000 Cell Phone Function twirling 360 and leather Case  DaPeng T3000 Cell Phone Function twirling 360 and leather Case  DaPeng T3000 Cell Phone Function twirling 360 and leather Case  DaPeng T3000 Cell Phone Function twirling 360 and leather Case  DaPeng T3000 Cell Phone Function twirling 360 and leather Case  DaPeng T3000 Cell Phone Function twirling 360 and leather Case  DaPeng T3000 Cell Phone Function twirling 360 and leather Case  DaPeng T3000 Cell Phone Function twirling 360 and leather Case  DaPeng T3000 Cell Phone Function twirling 360 and leather Case


    China Wholesale Dapeng T3000 phone is one of the most fashionnable phone. The Handshaking (accelerometer) function can help you change the picture and song easily and convenient. It support 8gb max card. You can use it in any country no matter where you are!!

    This phone is free shiping and 2gb card as gift

    Main Feature:

    Quad Band: GSM850/900/1800/1900MHZ
    Dual sim card dual standby
    Tree pages menu
    Wireless internet
    Analog TV supported
    Support Java
    Handshaking function
    Support TF card extend to 8GB max
    FM/MP3/MP4/Bluetooth function supported


    Quad Band: GSM850/900/1800/1900MHZ
    Dual sim card dual standby
    Tree pages menu
    Screen: 3.2 inch high definition touch screen, QVGA, 320x240
    Dual Cameras: 0.3 Mega pixel camera with flashligt, put out the biggest size is 1600x1200
    MP3 background play, equalizer
    Video: 3GP, MP4, full screen, forward and pause
    WIFI: 802.11b/g wireless internet
    Free analog TV supported
    Support Java, can install applications
    Support FM radio, can play without earphone and support background play
    Bluetooth A2DP
    Sound recorder
    Video player and recorder, Audio player supported
    Support MSN, 3G Chat, Opera, Map, eBuddy
    Support E-mail sending and receiving
    Memory: built-in 71.8M, exend TF card to 8GB max
    GPRS & WAP connectivity, MMS Transceive
    U disk support function to keep the information storage
    Telephone directories: 800 groups of contacts, support caller groups and caller ringtone
    Support SMS Text Messaging, MMS Picture Messaging, Vociemail serve
    Schedule power on/off: support to start/close under set time
    Alarm clock: 5 groups, support alarm clock when machine's closed, can set from Monday to Sunday
    Games: 4 common games, 1 motion game, support Java games
    More information: MP3/MP4/WAP/Bluetooth/SMS group sending/GPRS download/MMS/Calendar/Caculator/Notes/Alarm clock/World
    clock/Currency converter/unit converter/Hanshaking/Stopwatch/Slide show/AB repeater/Bookshelf/Answer machine/QWERTY
    keyboard/Memory extended...
    Size: 115x65x20mm

    Color and Language:

    Color: Black

    keyboard color: black and siver
    Language: English, French, Spanish, Danish, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Malanxiya, India Language, Czech, Norwegian, Slovak, Hungarian, Tieng viet, Turkce, Bulgarian, Persian, Hebrew, Greek, Swedish, Romanian, Croatian ,Slovenian


    One phone
    Two 2800mAh batteries (nice to provide a spare battery!)
    One power Adapter
    One earphone
    One manual
    One USB cable

    Some other Sources/Pricing:-


    Price: £129.99
    SKU: T3000

    DaPeng T3000 Cell Phone Function twirling 360 and leather Case

    Wholesale price: $110.63
    Wholelse price: $89.99 (19% OFF)

    YouTube Videos:-