Sunday, November 9, 2008

'V8 Motorcycle & Parts Dealer' - Investment


Angel Investors raising funds to finance the Dealership expansion,
were rewarded with excellent Return On Investment*.

I actually put my own money into this Investment since having performed my own 'due diligence' into this company
'V8 Motorcycle & Parts Dealer' and researched into their Business Plan it certainly looked like it was capable of creating a lot of money from the import of Motorcycles direct from one of the top Motorcycle Manufacturers in China - 'Zongshen'. Buying direct, in large volumes, brings the per unit cost way down.

Yes there are Risks associated with High Rewards, and this particular Investment is no exception, and as such may not be for everyone. Having talked to the CLS Group, that ''V8 Motorcycle & Parts Dealer' is part of, we learned that they were willing to consider a Group of 'Angel Investors' pooling their funds, to leverage off the higher 'Return' of the Group total investment.
The documents comprised:-

  1. Official Receipt

  2. Memorandum Of Agreement (MOA)

  3. 'Certificate' of Dealership

  4. Bank Guarantee

That's right, they gave us a Bank Guarantee, on those 13 x PDC's for the 1 Year Term
(or 25 x PDC's for the 2 Year Term).

Whilst you get signed up as a 'Dealer', the MOA, says that 'V8' will take care of the actual running of the Dealership Business, and everything connected with it. That is why it better to view it as being an an 'Angel Investor', rather than becoming a 'Motorcycle Dealer'. You get a Dealership Certificate, but that does not entitle you to buy such Motorcycles @ Dealer Prices. However, showing such 'Dealership Certificate' in the co-located V8 Appliances Showroom and you may well discover they give you 25% off the List Price, be it a Television, and Air-conditioner, or whatever they sell, that you want to buy, with such Dealers Discount.

How about 'Vespa' Scooters? Piaggio also make these Motorcycles:-
Flag of Italy Image:Piaggiobrandlogo.gif
In June 2005, the first Piaggio engine were made in Zongshen Industrial Park, and the first ZIP motorcycle jointly made by Zongshen and Piaggio were put into market Up to 2006, some 60,000 units of ZIP scooters were sold to Europe.
From 1992 to 2006, some 60,000
ZIP scooters sold.

How about 'Harley-Davidson' also Whilst the image of "I ride a Zongshen" will never be the same as "I ride a Harley Davidson", the fact that Harley Davidson have signed this 'Co-operation Memorandum', with the Zongshen Industrial Group, says a lot about their company, to even be considered,the way I read this?
V8 Motorcycle & Parts Dealer - Investment - Hi-InterestRuralBanksRP
Italy Piaggio and US Harley•Davidson are the top leaders in the motorcycle industry all over the world. Their technology on scooter and chopper manufacturing are definitely superior. On June 9th,2004, Zongshen Industrial Group and US Harley•Davidson signed cooperation memorandum, this is another classic cooperation between Zongshen and occident top motorcycle manufacturer, a big step forward in leading technology and customer globalization field.

Manta 110,
Chase 125 and Loadstar 150'Zongshen' Motorcycle Products - Hi-InterestRuralBanksRP

Zongshen Manta 110 Zongshen Chase 125 Zongshen Loadstar 150
'Zongshen' Motorcycle Products - Hi-InterestRuralBanksRP 'Zongshen' Motorcycle Products - Hi-InterestRuralBanksRP 'Zongshen' Motorcycle Products - Hi-InterestRuralBanksRP
The Zongshen Manta 110 is Zongshen's offering in the step-thru or underbone commuter motorcycle market currently dominated by the Honda Wave 100. Immediately, you will notice that the Manta already has an advantage over the market leader – its 110cc motor has a bigger displacement than the Wave’s 100cc motor and produces more power. Another advantage the Manta has is that it is equipped with a front disc brake unlike the base Wave 100 which has a drum brake in front. But like the popular Wave, the Zongshen Manta 110 is equipped with an automatic clutch and a 4-speed rotary manual transmission, so riding the bike is as easy and as convenient. Power is transferred to the 17-inch wire spoke rear wheel via chain drive while a rear drum reins in the speed. A telescopic front fork and dual shocks at the rear do their parts to smoothen the road undulations. The Manta 110, which retails for P39,000 is selling very well indeed. The new design is bolder than the ’06 version and makes the ’07 Chase 125 look more expensive and more apt for the Philippine market. Leaving well enough alone, Toro Motors also left the price of the ’07 Chase 125 at P42,000, which represents a bargain, considering the bike’s features. And as if to follow our lead, the company came out with a Chase 125 variant (B-grade) by changing the 2-stroke-styled expansion chamber-equipped exhaust system with a more appropriate megaphone-styled muffler set-up and then priced it at P44,000. Both Zongshen Chase 125 variants are available in Red or Blue and will be available at authorized Zongshen dealers by the time you read this. The Loadstar 150 is the company’s model for the commercial market, or quite specifically the tricycle or taxi segment. This air-cooled 150cc single-cylinder standard motorcycle is quite popular in the provinces, especially in areas where high ground clearance, robust suspension and engines that produce a lot of torque are needed. The Loadstar’s popular market acceptance is partly due to its affordable price of P47,000. For that amount, buyers of the Zongshen Loadstar 150 get the aforementioned 150cc motor, a robust steel cradle frame, hefty front forks, four rear heavy-duty shock absorbers, a frame guard/extension to attach the side car; and a built-in front accessory light bar .

zs125ys-10 products03
The High Rewards offered to those Angel Investors, have closed, as indeed the 1 Year Term.
However there is a NEW 2 Year Term Dealership Plan for just Php500K min. investment.

The Reward may not be as generous, as that initial 2 Year Term, requiring Php2M min. investment, but it is still very good - contact me for details.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Free iPhone 3G with 90 Day Time Deposit (10%pa)

Want a FREE
iPhone 3G

as well as

10%pa Interest

on a
90 Day Time Deposit?
Special 'Promo'

for limited time period from certain
Philippine Rural Banks
(with PDIC cover)

I personally did not want/need an iPhone 3G (as I had already bought a Nokia N95 8GB),
so I took up the option of receiving Php25,000.00* cash alternative instead!

NB: This offer of the iPhone or Php25K cash alternative, requires Php250K min. Deposit, otherwise just the 10%pa Interest (but this in itself is very good if you compare with most, if not all, other Banks).

I was even more amazed when the Bank also 'shouldered' the Documentary Stamp Tax as well, saving me another Php1,250.00.

We were told this 10%pa Interest, would be paid on Maturity.

On a Php250K Deposit that 10%pa gives Php25K, but as the 'Term' is only 90 Days (3 months!), it will be 1/4 of that, ie, Php6,250.00. Then there is 20% Witholding Tax, that will be deducted, so expect the Nett Interest you will receive to be Php5,000.00**

The Rural Bank that I deposited Php250K with, actually credited the Php5K Nett Interest to my Banks ATM Account within about a week of placing the Deposit. The following week, the Php25K cash alternative to the iPhone, was also credited to my Account).

Since this is a genuine Bank Time Deposit Product, my Php250K deposit is protected by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation.Currently this PDIC cover is limited to Php250K max, but there is a 'Bill' currently in the House, to increase the Deposit Insurance to Php500,000.00.

Since this increased PDIC limit, has not yet been passed, one needs to go to another Bank, offering such promo, to stay 'protected'.

My wife thought it was so good, she took out a Php250K Deposit to get this same Promo at the Bank as I did. If we had more funds, we could also place another Php250K into a Joint Account together. since this is 'split' as Php125K insured deposit 'share', each, we could even place another Php250K into a 2nd Joint Account, at that same Bank. But with 7 x Rural Banks, currently offering this particular limited time 'Promo', no real need to do so necessarily?

This really is an amazing offer for such short Term Peso Time Deposit

Factoring in that Php25K* cash alternative gives this calculation:-

ROI = (Total Return - Investment)/Investment = (250 + 5** +25* - 250)/250 = 3/25 = 0.12 ROI
APR = ROI/Term (Yrs) = 0.12/0.25 = 48%pa APR

This includes the 20% Witholding Tax deducted, but did not add the 0.5% DST, as the particular Rural Bank we deposited with, shouldered the cost of that (some Banks may ask you to pay the Php1,250 DST).

Sorry we were asked not to give out the name of the Rural Bank we deposited with, in public, or the names/locations of those other 6 x Rural Banks, also offering this current Promo.

I have supplied this information however, to the Members of my Private Wiki Group

You need to be sent an Invite to Join this Wiki Group however.

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